The World’s Largest Technology Companies

There are a number of technology companies all over the world but all of them cannot be put in the same category. A list of some of the largest technology companies of the world is provided here under which produce telecom equipment, computer hardware, software, internet, e-commerce services and semiconductors for the benefit of the entire world.

Apple Inc

This technology company was founded by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in USA in 1976 with its headquarters at Cupertino, California. With its annual revenue of about $234 billion today it is one of the largest technology companies of the world. The hardware products developed by this company include iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac personal computer and Apple watch are used in almost the entire world.

Samsung Electronics

Primarily this technology company was started in 1969 to produce electronic and electrical appliances at Suwon in South Korea. At present, it is considered as the second largest technology company of the world on the basis of its annual revenue of over $177 billion. More than 300,000 employees from 80 countries work in different projects of this company. They produce wide variety of Smartphones, televisions and mobile phones along with chips, semiconductors, lithium-ion batteries, hard drives and flash memory cards. This company has attained this position after defeating the most popular technology brand of the world, Sony.


This company is considered as the third largest technology company of the world due to its annual revenue of over $141 billion. Terry Gou has founded this company in 1974 as Hon Hai Precision Industry with a trade name Foxconn in the city of New Taipei, Taiwan. Today, with its 1.3 million employees, Foxconn works as a contract manufacturer of wide variety of electronic products and components for different companies. Its products may include Nintendo 3DS, Nokia, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, Xbox One and different versions of PlayStation including PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 etc.


According to the list of Forbes Global 500 it is the fourth largest technology company of the world. Jeff Bezos founded this company in 1994 as an online bookstore in USA. Today its headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington which employs nearly 231,000 full time employees. It earns annual revenue of $107 billion by selling wide range of consumer products in different categories including electronic items, games, jewellery, apparels and downloading and streaming software etc. It has been included in this list due to its involvement in retailing internet, electronic and cloud computing products at commercial level.

This list of the largest technology companies of the world has been prepared on the basis of the information received from reliable resources. If you do not agree with it then you can prepare your own list on the basis of your own perspective.