What to expect in the next generation slot machines

The gambling industry is big on tech. sport betting is now being done on tablets and smartphones, blackjack dealers use automatic shufflers and casinos are now using sophisticated surveillance technology to sniff out card counters and cheaters

Slot machines have also undergone tremendous changes. Today’s machines are electronic rather than mechanical and online casinos have introduced new and exciting slots. But you still have to pull the lever to get them do their magic. Here are four major changes to expect in the next generation slot machines.

Graphics and immersive gaming

Electronic slots were introduced in the 1970s and their graphics has been improving gradually since the days of Walt Fraley’s Fortune coin’ game. Today, slot machines boast having graphics that rival video games systems such as XBOX360 and playstation3.

An exciting technology advancement however is the opportunity for players to get immerse themselves in the games. Merkur Gaming recently released the ground breaking Ozone where a player sits in a partially enclosed gaming chamber, a cabinet of sensation that allows him to take the graphic experience from the surrounding.

Though these full blown virtual reality slots are not yet in the market, once the technology becomes affordable, you can expect the next generation slot machines to feature it.

• Touch screen slot machines

The new generation of slot machines offer a much more hands on experience with most slot machines featuring touch screen. These machines are much more convenient and will eventually wipe out the old fashioned pull lever machines.

• Thematic games

The introduction of pop culture themed games has provided the perfect business model. Today, people with no interest in gambling have a hard time passing a Hollywood themed slot designed to pique their interest. Casinos and manufactures are researching ways to come up with more slot machines targeting a segment of gaming population. Therefore, you can expect more thematic slot games in the future

An example of a thematic game is the recently released Wonderwoman slot which is designed for baby boomers complete with visual fonts, kitschy 70s and clips form the TV show.

These thematic slots are a brilliant insight to the manufacturer as most players will not care to check the payout percentage. They will mainly play to get entertained.

• Plotlines

Slots are beginning to look more like video games than gambling machines thanks to the multilayered storylines together with the progressive jackpots and complex pay lines. If history is anything to go by, as players become accustomed to story based slots with add on heavy plotlines, they will not accept anything less in the future.